Producers of Barbecue Charcoal Briquettes from Argentina

Conimex Charcoal Briquettes


High Quality Barbecue Briquettes from Argentina - South America

Conimex is a company from Argentina dedicated to produce barbecue charcoal briquettes that are traded in the country and abroad. The main factory is located in Palpalá (15 Km. from S. S. of Jujuy), with a surface of 4.500 m2 covered and a productive capacity of 23.000 ton / year of charcoal briquettes.In the year 1996 a ground of 2 Has was bought in the Industrial Park of Tigre – Buenos Aires Argentina, where was built, in the first phase, the internal market and export distribution center of 4.000 m2 covered next to the container consolidation area for its subsequent deliver to the port. In the year 1998 the exploitation of a field of 2000 Ha was initiated in the zone of San Pedro - Argentina(80 Km. from S. S. of Jujuy) for the production of charcoal of first quality. In the year 2004 the construction of the second plant of barbecue charcoal briquettes was initiated, located in the Industrial Park of Tigre – Argentina. The second plant of charcoal briquettes allowed us to increase 50% of the production.In the last season 05 / 06 we sold locally 5.000 ton of charcoal briquettes and exported 18.429 ton of charcoal briquettes.Our company constantly develops a policy of maintained growth, intensifying its sales in the country and abroad (Europe and United States).

The acceptance of our barbecue briquettes in their different forms of commercialization, confirms that its quality responds to international norms and demands. Please find below the characteristics and specifications of our charcoal briquettes. We also offer Briquettes from Paraguay.

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Charcoal Briquettes are elaborated using fines of vegetable charcoal tied with a vegetal agglutinative derived from cereals, pressed and dried. Limpieza de Tapizados This careful process permits to obtain a final product with clear advantages on the charcoal as for example; the production of uniform and equal heat. The main characteristics are:

  • A totally vegetable Product.
  • Non contaminant.
  • Does NOT alter the flavor of the food.
  • High calorific power.
  • Does NOT produce smoke neither smell.
  • Does NOT produce sparks.
  • Great mechanical resistance.
  • Ecological Product.


  • Dimensions: 2” x 1”7/8 x 1”1/8
  • Humidity: Max 8%
  • Fixed Carbon: Min. 60% (dry base)
  • Ashen: Max 15% (dry base)
  • Volatile Material: Max. 25% (dry base)
  • Calorific power: 5800 / 6000 cal/gr. – 10400 / 10800 btu/lb